All states divide up felony criminal activities in order to distinguish between really major criminal activities as well as those felonies that are much less severe in nature. A variety of states have first, second, third and 4th degree felonies, generally speaking,  a 2nd degree felony is a serious criminal activity that normally is penalized by a substantial prison term as well as include a considerable fine.

Examples of Second Degree Felonies:

  • Aggravated arson
  • Exacerbated battery
  • Theft
  • Intoxicated homicide

Both Maximum and Minimum Prison Sentences

While states vary on whether they include a sentencing array or a maximum sentence for second degree felonies, the majority of states have a presumptive penalty of approximately 10 to 15 years in prison. The presumptive sentence in Texas can be a bit extra extreme, varying from 2 to 20 years in prison. All states additionally include penalties, which might or may not be given out by a judge issuing a sentence for second degree felony. The fines are very closely bunched in all states– $10,000 to $20,000, outside of the state of New Jersey. In New Jersey, the fine for a second degree felony can be as high as $150,000.

Prolonged Sentences

While the certain sentencing framework differ from one state to another, all enable improved charges for a variety of variables– consisting of things like previous sentences, fierce crimes, use a firearm or various other annoying conditions. For instance, a second level felony in Texas for an offender with a previous felony sentence enables the judge to consider the next-highest sentencing variety. In Pennsylvania, the sentencing range for conviction of worsened battery, a 2nd degree felony, raises to a minimum of 10 years– as opposed to an optimum of ten years, with a previous terrible criminal sentence. With 2 previous fierce felony convictions, the sentence range raises to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Loss of Civil Liberties

As soon as you are convicted of a 2nd degree felony you shed the complying with civil liberties in most states:

  • Hold state office
  • Voting rights
  • Serve as a juror
  • Own a gun
  • Join the military

In many of the states with second degree felonies the right to vote is instantly restored once the sentence has actually been finished, including any type of parole or probation obligations. In other states, an expungement, set aside or excuse from the governor is required if an offender wants other civil liberties restored.

Work and Real Estate with a Felony

There is no state in the country where it is not a challenge for people with second level felony sentences to get a task or housing. There is no state that quits a company or proprietor from searching the criminal record of a possible tenant or employee. While some states have legislations that need state companies to just refuse a candidate with a criminal record if that specific conviction is a concern with the job being sought, professionals state that doesn’t substantially offenders find tasks or housing. Instead, state or federal programs that include tax debts for working with offenders offer the most aid.


It is typically really difficult to expunge the records of a second degree felony conviction. As an example, New Mexico does not grant expungements if a felony conviction is entailed. In Indiana, like other states, expungements are feasible, however the applicant must be 70 years old or older and have a clean document for the past one decade. New Jersey likewise consists of a waiting period after completion of the 2nd degree felony sentence. An applicant for an expungement in New Jersey must wait a minimum of ten years as well as can only have a single sentence on his/her record. Pardons from the guv are readily available in some states. Normally, an application undergoes the state’s excuse board. In Texas, anybody with a felony conviction can request for an excuse. Nevertheless, only a handful of pardons are granted each year in some states, and that is usually real in all states in which pardons are readily available for lawbreakers.