When does it become time to hire a child support attorney? Most parents wonder when it is time to begin paying child support. If you are not sure whether or not your case can be successfully resolved without the help of an attorney, or if you are facing financial hardship that requires the payment of child support, a child support attorney can help you.

When is it Time to Pay Child Support Payments?

Child support is designed to reimburse you for the cost of raising your children. Your monthly child support payments are based on a percentage of what your ex-spouse makes and the amount that you can reasonably afford to spend each month on child support. The court decides how much child support to require you to pay and it is typically determined in large part by the amount that your spouse earns.

You may have had trouble making ends meet if your spouse has taken time off from work, quit a job, or left for another location for one reason or another. Some couples have to work outside the home in order to make ends meet while others are lucky enough to have a job with flexible hours. If your spouse is unable to work and needs to get money each month, this may qualify as an economic hardship and will lead to an increase in your obligation to make child support payments.

What is Child Support Anyway?

Child support is an agreement between the parties to pay a percentage of your spouse’s income in order to pay the child support payments. Typically, child support is required as part of the divorce settlement. If you are facing an unexpected expense or need extra money to help with those unexpected expenses, or if you are having problems making ends meet financially, you may qualify for child support.

When is it Time to Start Making Child Support Payments?

Usually after the divorce, once the judge has determined the amount of child support you will have to pay. However, there are states that require the payments to start on an automatic date and you need an attorney to help you with the negotiations to get you to the amount that you want to pay, as well as make sure that your payments will continue to cover the costs that the court decided upon for you.

Should I Hire a Child Support Lawyer for When Do You Need a Child Support Lawyer?

If you are facing financial hardship that requires you to pay child support payments, a child support attorney can help. In addition to helping you decide how much support to pay and the amount that you will have to pay each month, an attorney can also help you with the child support payments process.