If you are looking for an Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, there are several steps that you need to take to get the best criminal defense lawyer.

How Long Has the Lawyer Practiced Law

It’s important that on your criminal case, you find out how long the lawyer has practiced law, that could make a serious impact on how your case is handled in the court. Experience is everything.

Who is Their Typical Client

Find out if the lawyer is used to handling cases like yours. Criminal defense has a number of nuances, and finding the right criminal defense lawyer for your case is very important to the health of your case. You should be a good fit. Your life depends on it!

How Else Can Your Problem Be Solved

Are there others ways for solving your legal problem? Probation? Pre-trial diversion? Restitution? When you are in a criminal legal situation, your problems can be solved in a number of ways. Your lawyer will work with the prosecutor to come upon the best resolution of your case.